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Our History

The IAD (Idaho Association of the Deaf), established in 1931, is the state’s only organization safeguarding the accessibility and civil rights of the deaf and hard of hearing Idahoans in education, employment, health care, and telecommunication.      


The IAD was founded in Boise under the guidance of Otto Reins who graduated from ISDB (Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind) in 1923 and from Gallaudet College in 1929. The IAD was founded with the interest being for the deaf people to take charge of their own future and exercise their rights as American citizens.


In order for the Deaf people to be involved in the decision and policy-making processes affecting their lives, it was crucial to find some way for everyone to work together, instead of the many uncoordinated individual efforts that took place before the IAD was established.

IAD operated as a volunteer organization. We do have a home office in Gooding but the president usually doesn't reside where the home office is.


Every odd year, the IAD hosted a conference (formerly called convention) so that the deaf Idahoans as well as the non-resident Deaf Idahoans could meet together, we have had workshops and symposiums related to deaf issues. We have included Miss Deaf Idaho/Miss Deaf Idaho Teen pageants. We have subscriptions to IAD newsletter available.


Sites planned for future conferences are in Gooding every 4 years starting in 2001. Every two years in different sites in Idaho will be selected.

A board of directors consists of  9 members--5 officers and 4 members at large--with 2 years term runs the IAD. Elections are held biennial during the conferences.


The IAD has done so many things for the Deaf and it is vital that the Deaf join the IAD to keep it strong.


Past Presidents


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