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Idaho Association of the Deaf is busy filling in positions.  If you are interested in the following positions, please email  Let me know which position you are interested in.  You must be IAD member and committed to attend IAD meetings.

  1. IAD Public Relations Committee
        Duties are as follows:
             a) develop and create appropriate information and data for
                distribution to stakeholders via traditional and electronic means.
             b) Develop websites linking with ISDB web page. 
             c) Work closely with the ISDB History Museum Curator
            d) Collect necrology information to be put in web page
            e) Collect the names of past students who had
                graduated from ISDB. 
            f) Keep the lAD directory current​. 
            g) Be in charge of digital photos of the lAD Biennial
                Convention and any lAD sponsored activity.
           h) Acquire approval from ISDB Superintendent and
               Parents to take digital photos on campus and
               classrooms to be put in the web page.

  2.  ​ISDB RELATIONS Committee
       The duties are as follows:
         a) Develop a positive relationship between lAD Relations Committee
             and ISDB administration. 
        b) Meet with ISDB administration at least 4
             times over two years from convention to
         c) Membership in this committee shall exclude
             those employed by ISDB.

  3. Deaf Center Committee
          a) Fundraising 
             b) Promotions
             c) Grant Work
             d) Research

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, donations via PayPal are

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ASL is American Sign Language!  The goals of this event are to:


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